To be honest…I have no idea. Not only do I not know why I’m here…but I have no clue what I’m doing!

I took an interest in writing in high school. Well, I started out taking journalism because of the perks and the fun parts of the class…figured it’d be a fun and easy “A”. But…I realized that I actually enjoyed researching facts and writing stories. I wrote many articles for the school newspaper and although that was the only writing I actually did publically, I’ve material that would be read by someone else.

Recently, in the last year, I have fell in love with make up…and all things beauty related. Reading article after article and watching tons of videos on YouTube has given meΒ an interest in makeup that I never had before.Β Crazy right?!? I’m 31 years old. Typically girls discover makeup in their teens.

I’ve always worn some kind of makeup but never cared enough to learn about all the different kinds of products or the tricks to using those products. I never cared to go into and Ulta or Sephora…quite frankly I didn’t understand the reason behind having a whole store “just for makeup”.

Anyways…long story short, after a few YouTube videos and my first trip to a Sephora I was hooked. I love learning about new products and testing them out and that got me to thinking….why not write about makeup?!? That would combine two things that I really enjoy doing and make it double the fun. Sooo….here I am. I have no idea where this will go or what my exact plans are at this point but, I’m excited to see where it goes!


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