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Just My 2 Cents: Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette


I purchased this palette during the early release on Sephora .com. I’ve had it long enough to be able to give you an honest opinion on it and now that’s it’s back in stock at Sephora and Ulta, I figured this was great time to do so!


I’ve read many mixed reviews on this palette with the complaints being about the same. The palette was too small. The color pay off was bad. It didn’t show up on my skin.

I like this palette for what I think it was intended to be..cute and fun! However, it won’t be great for everyone! In my opinion, this is a palette for people with fair skin. It is small but I was expecting that so I didn’t mind. Here’s a pic of it in my hand for comparison.


A few shades could’ve had a little more pigmentation. With the biggest color (Glaze) it took me a few swipes to get the full color but it makes a beautiful base color. Cookie dough, Sugared Raisin and Black Sugar are a little sheer but still noticeable and pretty! Cake Batter and Ambrosia did blend into my skin tone and wasn’t very noticeable but there again, this palette was intended for fair skinned beauties!


Overall, I was happy with my purchase and if you like cool toned pastel colors you will too! For only $26 you’re getting a nice palette. It smells AMAZING, the packaging is super cute, the colors are beautiful and it’s compacted size is great for traveling!!

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette – Sephora
Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette – Ulta Beauty

Have you tried the White Chocolate Chip palette? What’d you think? Leave me some comments below!

Stay beautiful.



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