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Just My 2 Cents: Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb


Belif is a Korean skincare brand that I recently discovered through a Sephora Play box!

The True Cream Aqua bomb focuses it’s claims on hydration which piqued my interest at a time of the year when my skin starts getting the most dry (early fall)!  However, I’ve just recently learned that there is also a moisturizing version of this (Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb) as well as a sheet mask. The Aqua Bomb is targeted at people who have combination (me) or oily skin types where as the Moisturizing Bomb is more for people with dry to normal skin.

Now, I can’t speak for the moisturizing bomb but, I’ve got nothing but love for the aqua bomb. It truly feels like a burst of water on your skin. It does have a different kind of scent but I personally find it refreshing. The formula is very lightweight and comfortable but extremely hydrating at the same time. It gave my skin a little extra oomph without leaving it feeling greasy! If you have oily or combination skin, you’re going to love this moisturizer!

If you’re looking for a hydrating but lightweight moisturizer, give the Aqua Bomb a try! It really is da bomb!

Oh and btw, once my sample ran out I did purchase the full-size and as you can see in the pictures I have been using the heck out of it!


Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb

Stay beautiful!


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