I’m almost ashamed to admit that I spend way more time than I should watching beauty and makeup videos on YouTube. That being said, I’ve come across some girls (and guys) that I’ve really come to love and trust their opinions on products.


Jaclyn Hill – I’ve seen that when it comes to the YouTube beauty world there’s a lot of drama that surrounds Jaclyn but I personally love her! I’ve found TONS of products that I LOVE because of her thus is why I trust her opinion. Also, she’s not afraid to talk about her imperfections such as her anxiety which she talks about often via her Snapchat posts. I deal with a certain level of anxiety myself and find that I can relate to a lot of the things she says. It’s comforting to know that even when you have a life that seems as perfect as hers…there still can be struggles! Can’t wait for that Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette to drop in March!


Laura Lee  This Alabama native turned LA makeup guru has got to be one of the best personalities on YouTube. She’s not afraid to be her goofy, scatterbrained self on camera!  (Her!) She puts out amazing content whether it be about makeup or her impersonating other beauty influencers (so funny)!


Danielle Rae I don’t think you can find a more down to earth on YouTube than this girl! So sweet and she puts out great content and takes the time to really showcase products so that you can get a feel for them and whether or not you want to try them out! Her giveaways are pretty sweet too!


Melissa Autry There’s not a more real person on YouTube in my opinion!! She’s doesn’t mind speaking her mind whether it be about a product or some YouTube drama. She also gives great advice on more serious topics. She’s the perfect mix of fun and real life! You can always count on her to give you her 100% honest opinion on a product no matter what!


Manny MUA I don’t even know where to start with Manny?!? I just love him, simple as that! He has an awesome personality that comes through on camera! He’s 100% himself 100% of the time! And he’s handsome..with or without makeup!

Jaaack Jack Jackie is so cute! She has some of the best tutorials (I especially like her hair tutorials) and makes it easy to understand how to achieve a certain look! And then there’s Zoey. I have followed that sweet baby’s story since her and Coco went missing. I’ve cried many tears right a long with Jackie and still holding on to hope that they will find Coco! Zoey has more heart and determination than any person I know and the love Jackie has for her is inspirational! You can see more of Zoey on Jackie’s second channel Jaaack Jack Vlogs!


Gabriel Zamora How can you not love that hair?!? I love watching Gabriel whether it be in his videos or on Snapchat! He’s so funny and so full of personality! And those eyes! He’s also an Ipsy creator!


Serein Wu I’ve just recently started following her channel and I have to say that out of all the channels I watch, I don’t think any are as knowledgeable about products and ingredients as her! She also posts more frequently than any other channel which is a plus! Her soft, sweet and laid back vibe make her a joy to watch!


Kassie Johnson Well, for starters, we love the same color (mauve)! Lol! Kassie is super sweet and always honest when reviewing products and she posts fitness videos from time to time with really great workout ideas! She also has the cutest son on the planet and the prettiest hair of anyone on YouTube!


Last but definitely not least on my list is Jessica Braun! Otherwise known as Jambeauty89! I just love Jessica. She definitely has the sweetest disposition of anyone I follow and is always positive! And just like all the others I’ve mentioned she gives good and honest review about products!

Well, there you have it! Those are my favorite YouTubers! I have several others that I watch periodically but these are the ones that I have set to be notified when they post new videos! Who are some of your faves?!? Leave them in the comments below so I can check them out!

Stay beautiful!


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