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The Difference Between Synthetic and Natural Makeup Brushes!


Let’s just take a second to appreciate all the options we have when it comes to makeup. There are numerous types of products in every category all with different textures and consistencies. This means that there are a variety of types of products to consider when trying to figure out what works for you. Makeup brushes, however, are pretty simple. There are only two major types of makeup brushes on the market these days…synthetic and natural.

Choosing which type of makeup brush you want to use is usually a matter of preference. Whether you’re strictly a natural brush user or love those synthetic bristles, both have have some pros and cons. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about..keep reading because I’m about to lay it out for you.

Synthetic brushes are made of…you guessed it…synthetic bristles. They are hand crafted out of materials such as polyester or nylon and sometimes dyed to look like natural brushes. They aren’t quite as soft as natural brushes but typically cost much less than natural brushes.

As far as application goes, synthetic brushes tend to work best with liquid and cream products. If you’re a fan of damp sponges, you might would consider switching to a synthetic brush because they don’t absorb as much product and are super simple to blend with. The same issues come with using natural brushes with cream-based products; natural brushes will absorb the cream and, in turn, stain and ruin the brush while a synthetic brush gets the job done flawlessly with no mess.

Probably my favorite thing about using synthetic brushes, they’re typically cruelty free because they’re made of man-made materials. Brands like Real Techniques, Urban Decay, Too Faced and EcoTools make only synthetic brushes.

Natural brushes are typically made out of animal hair and fur from different animals such as boars, squirrels and goats. Most of the time they are dark in color but that usually depends on the type of animal fur that’s being used. Natural brushes are super soft but have a tendency to shed more so that that of a synthetic brush. Unlike synthetic brushes, natural brushes can be very hard to get clean because they hold on to product pigment so well and allow for more control and precision when applying product.

Another point to consider when trying to determine which type of brush will work better for you…brushes with natural bristles can pose a threat to people with allergies because their bristles are made from animal furs which could cause a bad reaction. If you’re someone to is prone to animal allergies…definitely go with synthetic brushes.

I’m definitely a synthetic brush girl. I find that the apply products better for the looks I typically wear and clean up so easily. I also try to purchase products that are cruelty free whenever possible. The waters are a little murky on those claims when it comes to natural brushes. But, whether you share the same opinion as me or are an avid natural brush user, it’s worth knowing what kinds of tools you’re putting on your face…especially if you’re on the prowl for a new set! (My favorites are Morphe, Luxie and Sigma)

As always, be beautiful!


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